Benefits of Laughter is a nonprofit organization that produces all-in-one fundraisers for nonprofits and other groups wanting stress-free and laugh-filled events to raise funds, build donor bases, or just entertain sponsors and other supporters. We take the draising out of fundraising. We put the fun in fundraising.

Instead of half-baked bake sales or dry food-drives, let us put together a headache-free event so you can eat, drink, and be merry. It’s a fundraiser-in-a-box: you supply the bodies, and we’ll supply the venue, lights, audio, seating, food, drinks, and award-winning comedians.

Our stable of comedians have 20+ years each of experience, and have performed in international comedy festivals, late-night talk shows, college campuses, board rooms, corporate events, cruise ships, and the nation’s finest comedy clubs. Please contact us for references.

Rather than another spaghetti dinner that you have to organize, have a professional night of clean, smart comedy instead. Plus, no garlic breath.